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TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION… Why You Might Like this Book PART I: PRELIMINARIES Chapter 1: BELIEFS, ATTITUDES AND EXPERIENCES IN SPIRITUALITY    1. Spirituality and “Experiences”    2. Psychological and Spiritual Growth the Same    3. Nothing is not Spiritual    4. It Can Change Your Reality    5. Everyone’s a Mystic    6. Spiritual Evolution Chapter 2: EQUAL VISION: EMBRACING                                      THEISM AND ATHEISM    1. Superficial Reasons for Atheism    2. Core Idealism, Spiritualities and the God         Concept    3. The Halfhearted Majority    4. Central Reasons for Atheism and Doubt    5. What God Really Is    6. The Good—Evil Continuum: a Closer Look    7. Are True Atheists Right?    8. Atheism, Art and Enlightenment    9. The Marks of Existence Chapter 3: QUESTIONS SURROUNDING BELIEF    1. Belief and Nonbelief in God (it doesn’t matter)    2. Being Lost (not knowing what you believe)    3. Beliefs and Attitude    4. Types of Belief, and Literal Belief as an Obstacle    5. Believing in Enlightenment (it Does Exist)    6. Basic Arguments for Enlightenment and Monism    7. Are You Interested?    8. Real Spiritual Maturity    9. How Ready are You?   10. Normal Folks Can Get There   11. Limitations of Belief PART 2: PHILOSOPHICAL               UNDERSTANDINGS Chapter 4: REFUTATION OF ORTHODOX                  THOUGHT Discursive Arguments    1. Because Growth is Possible, there are no God-    Ordained Absolute Differences in Spiritual    Capacity Between Different Groups of Human    Beings, Especially of the Same Age and Culture    2. There are no God-Ordained Absolute     Differences in Spiritual Capacity Between so-called    Great Prophets and Other Human Beings    3. God Is Not a Human Being    Linguistic Deconstructions    4. I am the Way    5. Jews are the Chosen People    6. Muhammad is the Seal of the Prophets Chapter 5: WHAT MYSTICISM IS NOT: THE                   STRUCTURE OF RELIGION    1. The Religious Seeker’s Dilemma    2. Origins: the Infinite Scary Universe    3. “Standard” or “Basic” Theology    4. Seeing Through Basic Theology    5. Literalist Thought Acknowledged    6. The Origin and Importance of Myth    7. Believing in Myths Chapter 6: CHOICES: THE SUPREME BEING    1. Basic Concepts    2. “Historical Development” and Rising        Consciousness    3. Belief Systems Involving an Ultimate Reality    4. Belief Systems not Focusing on an Explicit        Ultimate Reality    5. Your Path and Concept of God Chapter 7: CHOICES: AFTERLIFE AND                   COSMOLOGY    1. Understanding the Scenarios    2. Orthodox verses Mystical Views    3. Spirit Worlds System (SW)    4. Heaven and Hell System (H&H)    5. Karma and Reincarnation System (K&R)    6. Quantum Re-expression System (QR)    7. No Afterlife (Empiricism) PART 3: THE MECHANICS OF               SPIRITUALITY Chapter 8: SPIRITUAL PRACTICES    1. Devotions: an Initial Perspective from Organized       Religion    2. Verbal and Silent Prayer    3. Meditation    4. Recollection    5. Contemplation    6. Singing and Chanting    7. Breathing Techniques    8. Movement Techniques    9. Study   10. Ritual   11. Tithing and Charity   12. Pilgrimage   13. Service Work   14. Substance Use   15. Renunciation or Asceticism   16. Celibacy   17. No Practice    Unusual Methods   18. Tantrism   19. Trance, Mediumship and Magic   20. Vision Quest and Rites of Passage   21. “Spiritual Powers”   22. “Forbidden” Techniques   23. Crazy Wisdom   24. Dr. Frankenstein (Apps and Cybernetics) Chapter 9: HEALTH, SPIRITUAL ANATOMY AND                   YOGA    1. The Value of Traditional Systems    2. The Paradox of Health, and Addiction    3. Deluded Buddhists?    4. Body and Mind verses Bodymind    5. The Subtle Body    6. Chakras Etcetera    7. The Exception of Christianity    8. Healing the Universe in the Body    9. How Traditional or Alternative Healing Works in   General    10. Yoga Chapter 10: FOLLOWING YOUR BLISS:                    UNDERSTANDING “ENERGY”    1. Spiritual verses Psychological Energy    2. Definitions: Two Aspects    3. Prosperity Energy!    4. Contemplative Energy    5. Varieties of Awakening: Finding Energy    6. Suffering, Disillusionment and Redirection    7. Energy in the World    8. External Assists to Energy    9. Ritual Requirements for Energy?   10. Awakenings (Initiation Energy) in Spiritual         Settings   11. Belief Structures and Energy: Inner Experience   12. Belief Structures and Movement: Energy in the         Body   13. Confined Energy, and the Consequences   14. Grace: the Master’s Energy   15. Devotional vs. Intellectual Dispositions Chapter 11: COMMUNICATION WITH                    GOD/SELF    1. Dreams: Basic Background and Context    2. Primordial Psychology I: Dreams and Reality    3. Primordial Psychology II: Dreams and Creation    4. Messages on the Path    5. The Universal Language of Symbols    6. Becoming What We Think: Initial Perspectives on        Manifestation     7. Desires or Surrender?    8. Prerequisites: Deserving What You Want    9. Doing Effective Affirmations    10. “Questions and Answers” Chapter 12: TEACHERS AND GROUPS    1. Who Chooses?    2. Types of Teachers: Six Dimensions           A. State of Enlightenment           B. Degree of Fame           C. Age or Stage of Life           D. Institutional Setting           E. Personality and Behavior           F. Appearance    3. A Way Out of Confusion?    4. Lineage    5. Ordinary People    6. “Spiritual” Groups Appendix 1: ABOUT THE LUMINARIES Appendix 2: MORE ON MEDITATION                    (INCLUDING HOW TO DO IT) Appendix 3: IMPORTANT PERSPECTIVES ON                    THE RELIGIONS NOTES GENERAL BIBLIOGRAPHY ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS
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